Olan Labs - Nail Optimizer   |   15 ml - 1/2 fl oz

Nail Optimizer is a natural solution for all types of problem nails. Nail Optimizer will grow
healthy, strong nails when used regularly - guaranteed. It is toluene and DBP free.

Nail Optimizer is a blend of six different types of calcium, keratin and protein creates a
formula that will nourish and strengthen nails naturally, giving you optimum performance.

When used as part of your normal nail care routine, Nail
Optimizer’s protein and calcium enriched formula will end:

Splitting Nails,   Peeling,   Weak Nails,   Dry Brittle Nails,   Chipping Nails

|   PRICE:    £19.00   |

O.P.I - Nail Lacquer   |   Selected Colours   |   15 ml - 1/2 fl oz

Found in professional salons and homes all over the world, OPI offer award-winning nail
care products that no woman should be without. OPI nail polish is the choice of Hollywood's
A-listers and even if you've never walked the red carpet, OPI will make you look as if you have.

|   PRICE:    £10.00   |